PAANNY - Pediatric & Adult Airway Network of NY

PAANNY - Pediatric and Adult Airway Network of New York 2020

Friday April 24, 2020     

The Fox Hollow - Woodbury, NY

PAANNY, Pediatric and Adult Airway Network of New York, is a multidisciplinary group of dentists, physicians, and myofunctional therapists who understand the importance of working together to treat and prevent obstructive sleep apnea in children and adults. The group meets yearly on Long Island and features world-class speakers who present the most current research and support an evidence-based approach to treatment.

Dr. Steven Lamberg, Dr Inna Gellerman, Dr. Steve Acker and Dr. Jeff Rein cordially invite you to attend an important 2020 Educational Event: Solving the Airway and Sleep Puzzle: "So Many Treatment Options, So Little Time", being held at the beautiful Fox Hollow on Long Island.

This wonderful, interdisciplinary event includes an intimate morning of discussions, a main event speaker, a healthy breakfast and luncheon served, and presentations from world renowned speakers including  Dr. Barry Raphael DDS,  Dr. Umakanth Khatwa, MD, Dr. Noah Siegel, MD and Dr. Audrey Yoon DDS, as our main speaker.

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Dr. Lamberg is also giving a free webinar Tuesday Feb 11 to promote this upcoming PAANNY MEETING April 24th. Hope to see you there! Register here


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